Construction is susceptible to many changes during a company’s life-time-new trends, changes in building laws and codes, many which are completely out of your control some functions like managing your growth and profitability you can control, your accounting, tax planning, receivables, and software. Our professionals have many years’ experience working with companies in this field helping to put it all together for good times as well as slower times.


Staying competitive as a wholesale distributor can be a balancing act as you look for efficiencies without compromising product delivery. Helping businesses like you find steady ground is B. Chacon Associates dedicated Wholesale and Distribution Group.


Restaurants require a great deal of attention. Attention to your profit margin which can change weekly; from costs of product among many other factors. We at BCA can help you become aware of your profit margins, inventory control, waste management, and staffing just to mention a few.


You run a successful, multi-faceted Ecommerce business. You’re handling everything from customer service to shipping, and although you have access to thorough financial analytics, you just don’t have the time to go through it all adequately. At B. Chacon Associates, we are eager to take those analytics, sift through them and streamline the information that leads to your next successful business decision. Take a look at how we do it..

Retail, Markets and Grocery Stores

Retail requires significant attention to inventory control as managing this can lead to a successful business. We at BCA can work with you to help manage this inventory as well as mark up.


B. Chacon Associates provides support, objectivity and expertise to operating cannabis businesses and those planning to enter and succeed withing this emerging industry. We offer a broad spectrum of accounting, financial and consulting services that give investors, owners and ancillary businesses the insight they need to grow and succeed.

In addition to the customary business challenges faced by any company in an emerging industry, operators in the cannabis industry must contend with the unprecedented challenge of conflicting legal parameters at the state and federal levels. The issues confronting growers, distributors, retailers/dispensaries and other ancillary services are complex and include:

  • Anti-money laundering
    Cash Flow